60% of active Christian young adults (ages 18 – 30) are walking away from church after high school graduation, and the majority are not coming back (Barna Group). Many of these young adults are your sons, daughters, grandchildren, and friends. 

Your Invited:

The "991 Conference" is a one-day Sabbath training event for local churches led by Pastor Benjamin Lundquist and a team of young adults from the Arizona Conference.  This effort is a combination of research presentations, Biblical teachings, live young adult interviews, and relevant workshops for church members.

The experience will be an engaging effort to educate, train, equip, and inspire local churches to start reaching and loving young adults better in Jesus’ name.  Jesus is passionate about seeking and saving the lost and was willing to leave the ninety-nine even to go after just one.  Are we willing to go after those we have lost?

Target Audience:

Reaching and loving young adults is a team effort.  All local church members are invited. This includes young adults, moms, dads, grandparents, church leaders, and anyone in the community who cares about the future of young adults. We hope to inspire the whole church body that everyone has a role in reaching and loving young adults in their local community.


1. Attendees experience an unforgettable day which leaves them believing they can play a significant role in reaching today’s young adult generation who will directly affect their local church in a positive way.

2. Attendees will learn about the latest research on young adults, faith, and church. 

3. Attendees will be inspired by the overwhelming potential today’s young adult generation has for furthering the cause of Christ.

4. Attendees will discover how to be an effective mentor to a youth or young adult.

5. Attendees will have an understanding of the basic steps for starting a young adult ministry at their local church.

Would You Like to Host a 99ONE Conference?  

Contact Pastor Benjamin by email at azyoungadults@gmail.com