You Are Invited

Arizona Young Adult Ministries is launching a brand new full-week young adult camp meeting program for 2013. During the week of June 7-15 young adults from around the state will be meeting together to serve the Prescott community, worship together, and build community. Do you need a place to stay for either of the weekends during camp meeting?

Come Stay With Us for Free

As a courtesy to our Arizona young adult community a special tent camping area has been set aside for FREE use during both weekends of the 2013 Arizona Camp Meeting. This is a tent-only area for the use by our young adult community.  There is no charge, however all participants must register below for access to this camping area.  There will designated tent areas for (1) married/family campers, (2) single male campers, (3) single female campers.  All participants are asked to respect the boundaries of these specific areas.  After registering below, your name will be given to the security gate are the camp, upon arrival registered young adult campers will receive a map to the camping area for young adults. 

Camp Host & Registration

We are excited to announce that John-Mark Steubing will be the young adult camp host for the first weekend of camp meeting.  He will be available to answer any questions you may have once you arrive.  Please not that all young adults are responsible for all camping supplies. Please register below to have your name(s) placed on the young adult camping area registered list.

Sabbath Lunch June 8 Young Adult Tent

All young adults that are in the area for the first weekend of camp meeting are invited to join together for pot-luck style lunch in the large young adult tent next to the Camp Yavapines playground area.  Lunch will start roughly around 12:30pm.  This will be a great chance for meet our larger young adult community. 

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