AZ Conference YA Min will be taking a group of YA leaders to this year's CATALYST convention held in Southern California April 2-4

"Catalyst West is a gathering of young west coast leaders, a movement of influencers who see things differently and feel a burden for our generation.  We seek to learn, worship, and create together with a momentous energy passionately pursuing God. We are Catalyst. We are the kingdom ambassadors, change agents, and cultural architects who have the influence to change our communities, churches, and cultures for good. But this change happens in the very place where many leaders flinch and fail because the perceived cost is too high. We must push through this fear for kingdom change to define the future.

On April 2-4 2014 3500 leaders from all over the west coast and around the world will converge - a revolution of ideas where you'll challenge the process and think unconventionally. Even more than a cutting-edge event, Catalyst is an experience that leaves you enlightened, rejuvenated, and ready to embrace the life to which you have been entrusted and the journey to which you've been called."
Talk to Pastor Ben if you are interested in more information about Catalyst West 2014

Who: Young Adult Leaders
Location: Southern California  
Details: Coming Soon