Welcome to Arizonayoungadults.com, the official website for Seventh-day Adventist young adult ministry in Arizona.  Did you just move to Arizona? Are you bound for one of our many state or private universities?  Have you lived here your whole life and are considering getting more involved with church or ministry? Are you looking for a young adult community that is Christ-centered, loving, accepting, and service-driven? Did you stumble across this site on a Google search and am wondering what this is all about? 

Arizona has one of the fastest growing young adult Seventh-day Adventist communities in the nation.  We have a presence on two of the largest universities in the state: Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University.  There are a number of local churches who care about young adults and are taking significant strides to love them better.  Around the state small groups young adult communities meet weekly to dive into God's word, connect authentically, and grow together.  Local church young adult ministry programs often host full young adult Sabbath programs, meet for Sabbath School, serve their local community.

Getting Connected:

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