Mud Madness Vender/ Display Booth Registration


Interested in Having a Booth at Mud Madness? If you are interested in having a vending or display booth at Mud Madness please read though the details below carefully and then fill out the form below.  Once the form is submitted your booth leader will be contacted within a few days to approve your items to sell and/or display.    

Fees: $20 

A word on Fundraising: Mud Madness Triathlon usually draws a crowd of over 500 people for the day.  This a is a great chance for your group to raise funds for your youth group, church, school, or community project.  More than funds it is a wonderful chance to bring awareness to your organization, cause, or product.  If you are selling food it is advised that you partner with sponsors from your local church or school to cover your $20 booth fee as well as the food items you will be selling, that way all proceeds are take home for your group.  

Set-Up: All vendors participating at the Mud Madness Triathlon are required to be operational by 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, November 4, 2012.

Booth Space: Mud Madness Triathlon will provide “space only” on the Event premises. Vendor will need to provide its own EZ-up and any necessary table(s) and chairs.

Electrical: All vendors will need to provide their own lighting and identify what electrical needs you require on the registration form.

Break-Down: You are also required to vacate the event by 1 p.m. on Sunday, November 4, 2012. 

Purpose: Booths are to be used only for the purpose stated on the form below. Only items listed on submission form and approved by Mud Madness Triathlon are to be sold or distributed.

Photography: You grant the right to use photographs of your exhibit to Mud Madness Triathlon for its own purposes.

Liability: All vendors agree to hold Mud Madness Triathlon, Thunderbird Adventist Academy, the Arizona Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists and their owners, agents, employees, sponsors, participants, volunteers, and affiliates harmless from any claims from, or due to, their own acts or those, of agents, and/or of employees, participants, volunteers, and/or for any loss and/or injury to people, and/or property of any nature.

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