Reaching, loving, and empowering today's young adults better starts with three important steps: LEARNING & CONVERSATION. Today's young adults are incredibly gifted, talented, and different than young adults of the past decade.  Below you will find a great video series we put together with Dr. Clint Jenkin.  For the last few year's Dr. Jenkin has been the lead researcher for the Barna Research Group, the most widely recognized research organization focusing on the intersection of faith & culture, and recently spearheaded a research project on Seventh-day Adventist Young Adults. 

The project surveyed about 500 SDA young adults by way of internet survey and chat room conversations.  Dr. Jenkin talks though the findings in the video series below.  Thank you for taking the time to watch this series, and intentionally engage in conversations with young adults in your local community.  LEARNING & CONVERSATION will go along way in loving young adults better.


Barna Report PDF

Barna Report Summary Powerpoint

Barna Report Handout

Next Steps: Dr. Clint Jenkin