The following audio recordings were originally given at a weekend for young adults in Arizona Conference called "Relationship Status: It's Not Complicated".  The presenters came from diverse backgrounds all focused on supporting healthier young adult relationships.  The audio recordings represent the personal opinions, research, and experience of each presenter. It is our hope that through this research young adults can journey forward relationally with hope, intentionality, purpose, and direction.

Message # 1: "The Disconnect" by Pastor Jackie James 

Description: Jackie lays a Biblical foundation for all healthy relationships as he teaches on one's personal identity in Jesus.  Knowing who you are in Jesus is essential to fidning relational health.

Message #2: Single, Dating, Married...I Need Answers! Where is God in All This?" by Jim Curley   

Description: Jim's candid presentation shares lessons he has learned through personal experience and study of Scripture on loving God, your wife, and family like Jesus.

Message #3: "Community not CommuniME" by Josh Jewett & Mason Aitken  

Description: Josh and Mason share personal experience and Biblical teaching on building a Christ-centered community though families, relationships, and mentoring.  

Message #4: Dating 101: Purpose and Practice by Shevon Quijano

Description: Shevon presents candid teaching on the purpose and practice of dating.  She discusses the lies and best practices for those seeking a Chist-centered and healthy dating journey.   

Message #5: Great Marriages Start Today: Candid Discussion with Two Married Couples  

Description: Join Ben and Kim, Mat and Sarah as they share the highlights of their marriages, the struggles, and what they have learned along the way.  A great marriage begins today!