Young Adult Sabbath School Programs

Looking for a young adult focused Sabbath School Class? Below are some good options for you to check out around the conference.  Each class has it's own feel and format they follow.  All classes attempt to share God's world in a relevant way, build a sense of safe and authentic community, and be a consistent place to connect and grow in Jesus each week.  As schedules change and special events happen it is highly recommended that you e-mail the contact person listed below each class letting them know you are coming. This will help them to watch for you on Sabbath morning and also make you aware of any scheduling changes.  Our goal is to continue to expand the number of quality young adult Sabbath School Classes though out the conference. 

Camelback Seventh-Day Adventist Church (North Central Phoenix) 

Church Location: 5902 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix Arizona 85260 

Class Meeting Location: Sabbath School Wing, Room 2B,

Time: 9:30am 

Description: Discussion based class, combination of quarterly material, teaching series, guest speakers, usually has hot drinks and food provided.

Size: 15-30 people

Contact Person: Larry Chadwick (

Paradise Valley Seventh-Day Adventist Church (North East Phoenix)

Church Location: 2727 East Cactus Road Phoenix

Class Meeting Location: Fellowship Hall

Time: 9:30am 

Description: Discussion based class and Bible Study led by a small group of passionate young adults excited to be a part of Jesus' young adult movement in Arizona

Size: 5-15 people 

Contact Person: Christina Burden (

Glendale Seventh-Day Adventist Church - LifeExperiment (West Phoenix)

Church Location: 6801 North 43rd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

Class Meeting Location: Front left section of main sanctuary 

Time: 10:00am 

Description: Class is called "Dissecting the Truth" seeks make the apply the word of God in a very practical relevant way.  Class is connected with the LiFExperiment ministry in Phoenix, a growing community of Seventh-Day Adventist young adults seeking to connect with other young adults, grow with them into a deeper relationship with Jesus, and develop meaningful friendships in Christ.

Size: 10-30

Contact Person: John-mark Steubing (