Young Adult Small Groups 

Are you looking to visit a weekly small group Bible study? There are a number of "open" weekly small group Bible studies that happen around the Arizona conference.  These are great opportunities to meet new people, dive into God's word, and recharge during the middle of the week.  Below are a few good options, please use the contact information below to connect with the group facilitator and get all the details about the weekly small group Bible study.  Schedules do change so drop an e-mail before heading out to the weekly meeting.  

The Lab Bible Study (West Phoenix) 

Location: Home (please send email to contact person below for address)

Time: Tuesday Nights  (Food 6pm, 6:30p - 8:15p Bible Study, 8:15p - end hangout time) 

Description: Weekly small group Bible study seeking to unite all participants in our mutual love of Jesus Christ by lifting Him up through the study of His word. These times together are designed to be a "safe haven" for all, from any background or belief, who are seeking a deeper relationship with God. The group points people to Jesus and the Bible for answers and truth while allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and change lives.

Size: 15+ people

Contact Person: John-Mark Steubing (

Friday Night Bible Study Crew (Mesa or North Scottsdale) 

Location: Home (please send email to contact person below for address)

Time: Friday Night 7:30p (Food from 7:30p - 8:15p, discussion 8:30p - end) 

Description: The Friday night bible study/ discussion functions as a safe place on a Friday night to enjoy time with friends in a non-condemning/ open minded atmosphere. The time starts off with food and a little social time, a group prayer time, upcoming events & young adult ministry news segment, and at the core is  a Jesus centered group discussion. The purpose of this ministry is help people connect and feel part of a Christ-centered community, and get into God's word in a very relevant & practical way. 

Size: 15+people

Contact Person: Mason Aitken (

The Cottage (Flagstaff)